Why Get A Reverse Mortgage?

There are many Reverse Mortgage benefits that include:
Healthcare and medical expenses can be costly

With the rising costs of healthcare coverage, a Reverse Mortgage can give seniors a financial safety net in order to pay for healthcare costs, including helping to pay for in home care.

Have you been waiting to make those home
repairs or improvements?

Home repairs and updates can be costly. If you haven’t been able to afford updates or regular maintenance, a Reverse Mortgage loan could be the best option to afford those needed repairs or updates.

A credit line for emergencies could be a smart call

Do you think having access to funds could be a smart call? By opening a Reverse Mortgage as a line of credit, you will have access to funds when and if you need them.

Your second home could be closer than you think

Use funds from a Reverse Mortgage on your primary residence to purchase a second home or vacation property.

Thinking about retirement or estate planning?

Used strategically, a Reverse Mortgage can greatly improve the sustainability of your retirement cash flow or investment portfolio.

Please consult a financial professional for financial advice.
Get some financial flexibility

Add another source of cash flow or emergency funds to your overall financial portfolio. A Reverse Mortgage can add cash flow, create an emergency fund or both. Financial flexibility never felt so good!

Are you or someone you know facing foreclosure?

If you are struggling to make mortgage payments and are facing foreclosure, taking out a Reverse Mortgage to pay off the existing mortgage debt might be one way to prevent the loss of your home. Once the lump sum is fully disbursed to the mortgage holder, this will eliminate monthly mortgage payments and the homeowner is free to remain in the home. 

Please note that the borrower remains responsible for property taxes, homeowners insurance and home maintenance. 
Increase your monthly cash flow

A Reverse Mortgage loan can often be a simple financial solution for senior homeowners who need extra cash flow.

Keep your current investment portfolio intact

Utilizing a Reverse Mortgage can be a fantastic way to delay the need to pull money from or liquidate your current investment portfolio.

Wait on Social Security benefits and let them grow


By delaying the start date of your Social Security benefits, you will receive more money each month from Social Security for each month you receive it. Using funds from a Reverse Mortgage can help you delay the start date of your Social Security.

Reverse Mortgages can also help in other ways:
  • Reduce your monthly expenses
  • Eliminate your mortgage payment
    • Please note that the borrower remains responsible for property taxes, homeowners insurance and home maintenance. 
  • Early retirement
  • Peace of mind

  • Improve your quality of life